How do I place my order?
There are many ways to place an order. 
  • Under the Promotional Products tab: search and order on-line!
  • Under the Wearables Tab:  search and order on-line (via the Inquiry function).  You can even add your logo or art to the items and email your creation to us!
  • Contact Us:  Fill out the form with all the pertinent info, send it and we will contact you.
  • Call us!  Call us directly  (630) 715-7494
  • Stop in!  We are at 310 Sundown Road, South Elgin, IL 60177, near the intersection of 31 and Sundown Road
How long will it take to get my order?
Our standard lead time is 7-10 business days from receipt of your order, including your useable art and payment. If you need it sooner, let us know and we are happy to work with you. Rush charges may apply.
What is usable or vector art?
Vector art is art that is defined by lines and curves, basically a mathematical formula. It differs from bitmap artwork which is a series of colored dots that make up the image. When you zoom in on a vector image, the edges stay very clear with no distortion. If you zoom in on a bitmap image, all the edges get fuzzy so that you can’t really tell where the edges are.
Vector files are created in specialized drawing programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustator, and others. If you are unsure if your artwork is in vector format, just send it and we can confirm.
  • We accept the following formats:  pdf
  • Art must conform to the following specs to be usable:
  • All objects are outline/vector, INCLUDING all fonts and text objects.
  • No placed images/bitmaps.
  • All security features must be turned off.  (read only, password protection).
Please note: There are a few processes, such as digital printing, that do not require vector art. We will advise you when that applies.
What if I don’t have vector art?
Don’t sweat it! We can work with your bitmap files.  There will be a labor surcharge for the added time it takes us to process non-vector art.
Can you create artwork for me?
Absolutely! We are happy to create designs for you. We have numerous libraries of templates and clip art that enable us to create interesting designs for our customers. You are welcome to browse these in our custom design center and select something that will work for you.  Or, let our designers make something up for you.  Depending on the complexity and number of revisions, art charges may apply.
I represent a Tax-Exempt organization. Will you waive the tax?
We are required by Illinois state law to charge tax. If your purchase complies with state law as a tax exempt purchase, please supply a copy of your tax-exempt certificate with your order. We cannot waive tax without a COPY OF THIS FORM ON FILE.